It has truly been my pleasure Opening and Managing WildChild Art Gallery over the last 23 years. I believe one of the reasons we have done so well is because we didn't follow the norm. We stayed true to showing art of all types made by Local and Florida creative individuals. 

      I never would have dreamed 23 years ago that WildChild Gallery would become what she has.. What a amazing place…Over the years I've enjoyed watching talented artists join us and blossom. Learning from each other, networking, sharing ideas and knowledge. So Many Friendships have been formed between souls who might have never met. A place to be creative .. laugh… giggle.. We have had weddings, baby showers, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, picnics, party's almost every type of art class you can dream of in Justabit's garden.

     It's with much sadness that I've decided it's time for my retirement ….time to start a new adventure in life that will allow me to feed my creative soul more and enjoy traveling. I want you to all know how special you have all been to me and how thankful I am to have had you be a part of Mine & Justabit's life …. at this funky little art gallery we call…..WildChild.   WildChild has closed her doors.  

April 30th, 2022.

 Thank you, and don't forget to let that Creative soul in all of you be Free and Wild.

Peggy and Justabit

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Photos by Martha Huard

Voted Best Art Gallery

on Pine Island

WildChild was voted the best Art Gallery on Pine Island for ten plus years in a row!! What makes us Matlacha's best art gallery? Stop in soon to see the ever changing array of fine art and unique creations from our diverse group of Florida artists, and you will see.

Commissions Available from many of our Artists

​​​​​​​​​​​Wild Child is unique....

Peggy McTeague, artist and owner, established   WildChild Art Gallery in 2000. It is a contemporary art gallery representing her works and the creations of 115 Florida Artists. The original fine art, canvas art, paintings and jewelry have garnered the many awards WildChild has won of Best Art Gallery in Matlacha.   If you are looking for art on Pine Island, we have an incredible selection. The gallery building is a historic fishing  cottage located in the heart of Matlacha (pronounced Matt-la-shay), a Calusa word meaning

"knee-deep water."

The vision of WildChild was to have a place where people could come enjoy a unique experience of art in all its forms and be able to learn about and purchase art created by award-winning artists residing primarily in southwest Florida. Often there is a gap between artist and art buyer. Our hope is to bring the two together. We are always looking for creative souls and artists to participate in this mixture somewhere between co-op and normal gallery and for new marketing opportunities to bring in art buyers and collectors. As with many of the things we do here at WildChild Gallery, we start down a winding path that sometimes turns mid-stride into a two lane road, never knowing where it will lead us, but that is half the fun. 

​A visit to WildChild Gallery will have you coming back to Matlacha again and again. We have original fine art and jewelry as well as sculptures, pottery, fiber art and glass.  Stop in soon to see all new exhibits and new creations in all media by our diverse group of artists. Until then, please continue to

explore our website.

Meet "Just a Bit"

Visitors from all over the world stop to chat with our little Gallery dog, "Just a Bit," and many have sent him messages and photos. Learn his special story...

Thanks for the Memories.. 


A Special Message

​from Peggy McTeague

Theresa Shelton - "On the Wing"

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Photos from our Farewell Event

At WildChild, we are making major efforts on the Gallery's part to be stewards of our earth. Some of the areas we are working on are using less paper and plastics, and  conserving our water. 

​...Stay safe ...Love One Another.. Be Kind To Each Other....We Can Get Through This and 
Don't Forget Be Creative!

From the Gallery

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Matlacha, Florida 33993

"Yardbirds" by Sharon Kurlychek

Artist -Ryan Coburn

We love Art & People.....

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Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha
Original Fine Art, Sculpture & Jewelry
Best Art Gallery on Pine Island & Matlacha

​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Photo by Martha Huard

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"Fiddlin' Around at the Beach Party"-Linda Kegley   SOLD