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Jacqueline Philp


email: jaxint@aol.com

​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


I am originally from the Netherlands and have always had an interest in art. As a small child toys did not hold my attention; I was constantly drawing. I attended two colleges graduating with a BA in fine arts. I was fortunate to study with some very important artists of the time.

For much of my life I have run a successful interior design business which enabled my creative expression. While that business continues, I have begun to return to my artistic roots of paint and canvas.I have lived in many different states-New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, California and Florida-and also spent a great deal of time in Europe. You will see subtle influences from each of those experiences in my work.

I am an equestrian and an animal lover. Many of my recent subjects are wildlife and pets and I donate the proceeds from some of these animal portraits to help save endangered wildlife. My husband is a mechanic and we both love cars, so I began painting cars with personality and character.

My background is in oil and water color. My current medium is acrylic and I enjoy exploring all types of subjects. My goal is to bring the viewer into my art on an emotional level and stimulate the imagination.


M signature for all my paintings is " JAX"