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Anne Schroeder

Mixed Media/Fabric Art

Anne spent her childhood in Indonesia and was influenced by vivid images of Balinese dancers, their costumes and religious offerings. Being surrounded by colorful art resulted in a life-long need to build things, paint and plat with fiber and clay. Her first year in college Anne majored in art, but couldn't turn out the required 3 paintings a week for homework. Switching to education was a great decision because Anne has always been a teacher in one way or another. 

She continues to feel most energized working on three-dimensional art pieces that involve building and layering, often with wood, canvas, fabric and found objects.

​After her formal education, Anne earned a Certificate Degree in Advanced Carpentry, and later with her husband Ed personally build their home in Fort Myers, FL in 1979. She currently lives in Central Florida where she has a management consulting and training practice.

In 2004, actress Meryl Streep, when she served as guest auctioneer for a charity auction in South Florida, was presented with one of Anne's custom-designed dolls, "Out of Africa". 

Anne's works have been displayed at the Gallery Zyzygy & the Alliance for the Arts, both in Fort Myers, FL; Art in the Park, Sky Valley, GA; Lake Rabun Art Festival, Lakemont, GA; and at The Wild Child Art Gallery in Matlacha on Pine Island, FL.