~ Y ~

~ U ~

~ W ~

~ T ~

Bruce Trewyn- Metal/Copper
David Tripp- Acrylic

​​Terry Overton- Wood/ Pencil,Pen

Tammy Osiecki - Essential Oils

~ P ~

Diane & Dick Maher- Acrylic
Pat Maloy- Watercolor
Carol Matlock- Oil
​Rosemary Mazzola - Oil
Mimi McCallum- Oil
Kenneth McPherson- Wood
Peggy McTeague- Copper/ Metal
George Mosko- Wood Turning

~ M ~

~ L ~

~ K ~

~ J ~

~ H ~

Gerald Hausman- Books
Nancy Havekotte- Acrylic
Christy Hink- Stained Glass
Lindy Holt- Fine Silver
Nancy Hossbach- Watercolor
Lenea Howe- Paper Mache
Peter Humeniuk- Watercolors
Debbie Hummer- Kumihimo Jewelry 

~ G ~

~ E ~

~ D ~

~ C ~

Fran Barrett - Clay/Pottery

Becky Bartos - Beads
Cathie Bauer - Mosaics
​Kim-Kraft Beckler - Acrylic
Jeanie Beline - Woodburning

Lisa Benton - Wood Turning

Kathy Bingaman - Jewelry
Mike Burkee- Recycled Material
George Byard- Polymer Clay

~ B ~

Barbara Albin- Watercolor​
Jorge Alcober- Mixed Media
Terri Aldred- Pottery
Pam Allen- Concrete

WildChild Art Gallery Artists at WildChild

Below are many of the creative souls at the Gallery.

We've listed our Wild, Funky, Wacky, Wonderful, and Creative Artists here at WildChild Alphabetically. 

Follow the hyper-linked names to visit the artist's page with bio information and to see their amazing artwork.  

If you see something that intrigues you, please contact us at 239-283-6006.

If that piece has sold, many of our artists are happy to create a similar commissioned one-of-a-kind piece just for you!

From fun and whimsical to majestic, we think WildChild will bring out the child in all of you.

~ A ~

~ S ~

Janet Sams ~ Mosaics/Mixed Media

​​​​​Barbara Schneider- Mixed Media

Ann Schroeder- Mixed Media/ Fabric Art
Michael Schwade-Copper/Brass/Silver
Theresa Shelton- Oil
Ben Sheppard- Copper
Roger Shoemaker- Woodcarving
Bill Simmons- Wood Carving
Pamela Slaughenhaupt - Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Joanne Gilmartin Smith- Photography
Gabrielle Solterra- Beads
Terry Lynn-Spry- Oil
Kay Stammers- Woodcarving
T Stardust- Copper/Brass
Rochelle Starkey- Mix Medium
Ellie Stephens- Clay/Pottery
Louis Stieffel- Stone
Pat St. Onge - Acrylic Painting

~ R ~

David Richardson- Wood Carving
Judith Rogers- Books
Jeanne Rosenberg- Fused Glass
Larry Rudley- Stained Glass
​Roger Ruth- Wood Carving

~ O ~

~ F ~

Katie Eckenrod- Cards
Nancy Eckert- Mix Medium
Gary Edwards- Mix Medium/Wood
Ashlie Emery- Natural Fibers/Nantucket Baskets
Kathryn Erickson- Pine Needle/ Baskets
Skip Etling- Coconut Fish

Lora Childs- Stone

Kathleen Cifelli- Acrylic

Karen Cohen- Beads/Cloisonne
Ed and Kate Coleman- Pottery
Cindy Cone- Photography
Linda Cone- Beads
Marie Crist- Seaweed/ Natural Fibers
Nancy Cunningham- Silk/Fabric Art

Fine Art -Artists at work in the "Heart of Matlacha"

Original Fine Art & Jewelry- Voted Best Art Gallery in Matlacha