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Audrey Keyes

Mixed Media

Audrey creating....

As a child I never understood why my mother spent so much time in her garden. Now, many years later, I have come to understand that it wasn’t the work or the time, but rather making a beautiful place to live. And so I have continued to surround myself with beautiful gardens both in Florida and in Minnesota.

My concrete creations made from the actual leaf of a plant has just been another way to add creativity and personality to my private space. Although they are made for the outside, the leaves can also be used as a table centerpiece or can be hung on a wall.

Together, my husband Ralph and I raised two children in a small Minnesota community. We are presently enjoying watching our four grandchildren grow. We now winter in Fort Myers, Florida. I started my career as a school teacher teaching home economics, art, and physical education, but gradually moved in to the business world owning a small motel and a collection agency.

I have always believed we make our own world by the beauty we create for ourselves. My passion is found in working with my hands, be it sewing, making jewelry, painting pictures, or creating cement creations. Unveiling each leaf is like opening a gift; what is its shape and how will I turn this creation in to a beautiful work of art that someone will enjoy?