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Cindy Cone


​I spent my career in the public education arena, but my interest in photography and the natural world followed a parallel course, in a more informal way. I spent many summers backpacking in our national parks, my Pentax SLR always in hand. My travel and photographic interests expanded as I volunteered on Earthwatch Expeditions in Bolivia, Brazil, Kenya, and Costa Rica. I took an ornithology class at Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology, volunteered for the education program at Glacier National Park, completed Florida Master Naturalist programs and attended as many workshops and classes with professional nature photographers as I could. Along the way, I've received numerous juried awards and been published in magazines, books, and digital media, but ultimately my goal is just to continue to learn, experiment and improve my own techniques.

So, today, I continue my journey as a learner and teacher of photography. I increasingly view my photography more as an art than a science. Although I've spent many years perfecting my technique to capture the best image in-camera, I realize there are many ways to interpret and share that one moment, or series of moments. I feel that digital photography allows me more creative expression to do that, I'm more interested now in what story, feeling or mood I want my image to convey, and what digital techniques can help me to do that. My computer and software area as important to my final images as the camera itself. My camera's digital sensor captures the data, but the image-processing techniques and software are the media used to "paint" my picture. I've used Canon digital SLRs for the past decade or more, and Apple hardware and software for twice as long. I also use Adobe Creative Cloud and a variety of third-party plug-ins. As I learn more about new technology tools, I'm always excited to share with others. So, a significant percentage of my time as a professional photographer now is teaching workshops and leading tours for others. Learner, teacher, backyard naturalist, and artist probably best describe me. Not individually, but combined, I use these roles to navigate my world.

I hope you enjoy the glimpses of the world seen through my lens and that you will join me on one of my ypcoming adventures or learning experiences.