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Debbie Hummer

Kumihimo Jewelry 

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​A lifelong arts and crafts enthusiast, Debbie moved to southern Florida 35 years ago looking for the inspiring beauty and lush vibrant colors that could not be found in the cold, sterile concrete jungles of the northeast.

Debbie and her husband Bill settled into Pine Island 12 years ago, quickly falling in love with the area while visiting close friends. "There is a great, laid-back island feel to Pine Island, it reminds us of all our favorite places in The Keys: Unique, quirky boutique shops run by unique, quirky, and overwhelmingly lovely people. It was difficult for us not to live here," Debbie explains.

Debbie has been creating Kumihimo Jewelry for several years, inspired by all the local flavor that she has come to love. Her work has been praised by experts, she has sold numerous pieces to private collectors and through her ETSY online store, and will soon be a featured artist at an upcoming show in Cape Coral.