Diameter - 6"

Circumference - 8"

Height - Shade - 13.5"

Height- with legs - 15.25"

From the Artist...

Dusk - 30"x40"

"Mixed media has been my creative choice over the past decade. I use texture in combination with contradicting patterns to create visual tension. Using a layering technique with paints and papers allows me to create both depth and whimsy."

"I have been influenced by Expressionism, particularly the intensity of German Expressionism, and Cubism. I am also drawn to the honesty in folk art—strong, simple forms that evoke complex feelings. I love the vibrant, pulsing colors in Mexican folk art and the complexity of—and reliance on—pattern represented in the art of the Middle East, Africa and Asia."


Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan

Master of Science in Education,

Johns Hopkins University

​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Jeanne Keckler has been a fine artist and a teacher for over 35 years. She was born in Michigan, and grew up near the beaches of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Spending summers swimming and sailing in these beautiful lakes woke within her a love for living near the water. Later, living on an island in the Northwest and now in Naples, FL, she still loves to paint images of aquatic life. 

Jeanne Keckler

Mixed Media

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Against the Current

 1' x 3'