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No two designs are alike...they are custom designed with selected subject matter, color and size.

Custom orders, Wall hangings (framed or unframed) of any size desired

Welcome to Jeanne Workman's world of art and fantasy. These original lyrical expressions are designed and constructed with fabric and thread. The fabrics are selected for their design, color and subject matter. They can make up the background or become an integral part of the composition. 

Her canvas is fabric...her paints are fabric and threads...her brush is her scissors and needle. To put these creations together takes hundreds of different color threads, which are painstakenly worked into the piece to make the final creation.

Jeanne Workman

Fabric Art

Having lived on a farm in Illinois for most of my life, I appreciate nature in a special way.  As I look at creation, I know there is a creator.  I feel honored and grateful that the Creator imparted to me some of His artistic capabilities if only in a small part. 
In nature I see and feel the intensity of color, texture, form, and space. In my studio I feel that the Creator and I “play” together to develop art quilts that go far beyond my own mind. I am also a counselor, and this leads me to the expression  of my emotions.  Many art critics have told me they were especially struck by the strong emotion they experience as they study my work.
My work is comprised of seascapes, landscapes, and still lives. I place layer upon layer of fabric slices to gain the depth and shading that I want.  For instance, if I am doing a tree trunk, I’ll use hundreds of various colors  of slices in the trunk. Some of these slices can only be placed with tweezers, they are so small.  I then use various types of thread to further shade the details.  Art connoisseurs are amazed at the depth I am able to accomplish.
The fabrics that I primarily use are Batiks; however, I do incorporate other fabrics and embellishments.  The batting is 100% cotton to give the final work a cozy feel.  
"I  was featured in "Gulf Life Magazine", March 2005 issue, for my wearable art.  I was also featured in the Ft. Myers, Fl. "News Press."

I show my work at art galleries, art shows, interior decorators, and commission pieces for those who appreciate fine art.  I have won various awards at shows, including, “Best of Show.”