Fine Art -Artists at work in the "Heart of Matlacha"

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Artist Jorge Alcober at work.

I was born in Cuba and grew up in Key West, always in love with boats. As a child I built model boats out of materials I found washed up on the beach and sent them back out to destinations unknown. 

I studied art and architecture uniting the two disciples into a career in yacht design and boat building. After 35 years in the boating industry, I retired to Matlacha. 

Each of my pieces are expressed with the same care as a real yacht, even when details are only simulated. Line, form, color are very important to the finish; as the all over trim painting contribute much toward an effect of realism. Yet they possess a patina by design, seeming of a certain age. I like to make them look as if though they have always been here.

​Please enjoy these... my humble efforts. 

Jorge Alcober

Nautical Art- Mixed Media