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"Just-a-Bit" is getting a little stronger every day after being hit by a speeding car last month. Artist Dan Palma has set up a Go-Fund-Me page so that WildChild Artists and friends from around the world can donate to pay some of the expenses for his surgeries and life-saving care. He will NOT give up, and is learning to walk again!!! Please help if you can. Peggy is so touched by the outpouring of kind words, prayers, donations, artwork, toys and treats that have been sent. All of your love and  support has made this horrible experience more bearable for her and "Just-a."

We will be also having some Fine Art Raffles at the Gallery in the near future to raise

more towards the $7,000+ veterinary expenses.

Get Well Soon, "Just-a-Bit!!"

After hours with "Just a Bit"

Well, many of you have been asking me what I do when I am not at Wild Child. I love riding home in the car, chilling with my friends, and of course hangin' with my "Mom" and her buds. Life is good on Pine Island!! Stop in and see me soon!


Our Gallery Dog "Just a Bit"

   The story of how our famous little Gallery dog "Just a Bit" became a celebrity at WildChild is rather unique and heart-warming. Owner/artist Peggy was without a dog, and wanted to have some four-legged love, so was doing some volunteer hours at our local animal shelter. She had always had labs, and was leaning toward adopting a large, retriever-type buddy.

   Well, as fate would have it, she arrived one morning to see a sick, skinny little sad creature at the desk area and learned that he was scheduled to be put down that day. She was advised that he was too sick to adopt, with a colon problem, and very expensive surgery required with a very low expectation that he could ever survive.

After contacting several vets to try and make arrangements, she called some veterinary "angels" who she knew in another town. The vet asked her to wait for "just a bit" while he asked his wife something, and they agreed to do the surgery for the cost of the supplies! They even were on Pine Island and gave the little guy a ride to surgery. They warned her that he only had about a 30% chance to pull through.

   He did pull through, magically recovered and has become the star of the Gallery: greeting guests (never barking or running out the door), and receiving all the love and kisses from his many admirers!! Stop in soon to visit with "Just a " and see the best dog on Pine Island, or maybe in the world!!