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​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Kathy Dawdy


I am a metal fabricator. I like tools, and torches and machines that turn metal into artifacts. It's "hands on."

Metal work is hard on my hands. For relief, I turn back occasionally to my fiber-art roots. There are big powerful machines that turn fabric and thread into wearable art. 

Have you noticed how similar are fiber arts and metal fabrication? Both start with flat pieces of raw material and turn them into three-dimensional artifacts.

I spend my summers on Madeline Island, in Lake Superior. Have you noticed how similar are Matlacha and Madeline Island? Both are refuges where people party a lot and fish too much. It's a vibe I can abide.

I spend my winters in Fort Myers where I am a metal fabricatrix and hang out with my husband ED and my two rescue tom cats, Little Bob and Biggaman. 

​We live in a gatored community.