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​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Marvels, 30x54, $3,000

Little Bully, 25", POR

Over, Under, 30x40, $2,200

Phantom Fish, 7x17x5, POR

Glass Glow, 20x28, $1,700

Hearts Afloat, 30x40, $2,200

Rites, 20x28, $1,800

LaLegra 9", $550

Lora Yakimov

Pewter, Metal Sculpture

Oil Paintings

 Artist Statement
Knowing that there is a message beneath the surface of the visible world is what drives me. My sculptures are most successful, I believe, when they capture beauty for the eye and wonder for the soul. I like my sculptures to impart the feeling of uncovering a mystery.The sea and its creatures offer a myriad of forms and metaphors. But it is not so easy to extract a treasured sculpture from the deep. It takes the insight of an artist, the skills of a surgeon, and much sweaty determination to build my unique vision.I use micro-crystalline wax to create my prototype. Then I pour layers of silicone over the wax. When the silicone cures it becomes a hollow mold for the molten alloy to be cast. I then weld the solidified metal castings with an oxyacetylene torch. I spend many weeks and sometimes months laboring to make the unseen visible.

Lora Yakimov, first generation American, was born in Chicago, and moved to Florida with her family when she was seven. Among her earliest memories are those of fishing and exploring the tidal pools and lagoons of the Florida coastlines. Her love of water has been vividly expressed throughout her successful 20 year career as an oil painter.