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Painting $150


In this 2 hour class you will learn how to use acrylic paints to create unique and beautiful designs on tile which will then be made into usable coasters for your home. With this addictive
technique you can let yourself go wild and create back splashes for your kitchen,wine glasses, switch
plates, table tops etc. It is so fun you will start to look for anything to paint that stands still. Absolutely
no talent necessary to get stunning results. This class will teach you to make marbleized surfaces.
Take the new skill home and just have fun with it. You will surprise yourself.

Call Peggy at the Gallery for Cost and Details! 239.283.6006
All supplies provided.
Marty Kendall

Necklaces and Bracelets $68

New Jewelry from Marty.....

Marty Kendall

Mixed Media​

Fabric, Wood, Acrylic and Jewelry 
 I am a retired clinical psychologist, a Florida Master Gardener and  Master naturalist. I have no formal training in art and have the luck to be color blind! However, all these “gifts” perhaps allow me to create in a different way that is fun, very colorful and unique. I do whimsical animals, underwater scenes (I am a dive master) and highly detailed  nature paintings. 

I volunteer at the Randell Research Center in Pineland where we do archeological digs to study the Calusa Indians who lived in this area for thousands of years. I have published and illustrated  a book through the University of Florida entitled:   "The Plant World of the Calusa: View from Pineland."

However, my favorite endeavor is making
unusual jewelry often made with things from nature. Everything is fair game and life is indeed
​an adventure!