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​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Painting $150

Necklaces and Bracelets $68

New Jewelry from Marty.....

Marty Kendall

Mixed Media​

Fabric, Wood, Acrylic and Jewelry

 I am a retired clinical psychologist, a Florida Master Gardener and  Master naturalist. I have no formal training in art and have the luck to be color blind! However, all these “gifts” perhaps allow me to create in a different way that is fun, very colorful and unique. I do whimsical animals, underwater scenes (I am a dive master) and highly detailed  nature paintings. 

I volunteer at the Randell Research Center in Pineland where we do archeological digs to study the Calusa Indians who lived in this area for thousands of years. I have published and illustrated  a book through the University of Florida entitled:   "The Plant World of the Calusa: View from Pineland."

However, my favorite endeavor is making
unusual jewelry often made with things from nature. Everything is fair game and life is indeed
​an adventure!