"Maggie is the best instructor that I ever went to. She gives of herself!"

-Carol Thaw, Florida

"I found Maggie to be the most gifted, articulate, inspiring workshop instructor of about a dozen I have attended over the years."

-Ludington, Michigan

"I appreciate your willingness to share everything; your time, your knowledge, your art techniques, your materials, your personal photos. You created a great atmosphere for us. It has been a real pleasure and I can't wait to get home and try everything!"

-Sebring, Florida

"You are a very good teacher. Not all people who paint well can instruct others to paint better. I've seen 'look what I can do' workshops, but in addition to showing that, you motivate, help, direct, and encourage students to see what (more)they can do! Great job!"

-Joann Boehm, Worthington, Ohio

"Keep teaching the way you do, Maggie, because if one can't learn from you... they can't learn, period."

- Sarasota, Florida

Painting with Maggie McClellan

Painting is about inspiration, generation and style. Finding inspiration involves looking at the world around us with fresh and very personal eyes. Generation means the process of coming or bringing into being; developing the skills an artist needs to mold their inspiration into a visual entity that sparks an emotional response.

The knowledge of structure, composition, technique (in our chosen medium), color, value, and subject matter make up the toolbox we use every day to create our paintings. These are the gateways to making an exciting visual experience. Whether you're painting abstract, representational, impressionistic or personally expressive discovery is the mode that takes the artist along a satisfying path towards creative growth. Working with the "real thing" is vital to our understanding of what we paint; so I encourage you to spend time doing studies of your chosen subject whenever you can.

I take the things that helped me be creative; synthesized them down to an approach that is easy to absorb and show how these elements can bring the joy of personal creative experiences to their work and enlarge one's own painting successes.

1. Dominance and harmony

2. Why Repetition is good

3. Value in reference to color

4. Choosing to be loose or detailed

5. Mood (palette choices)

6. Real life studies vs. photography references

7. Design elements (compositional shapes)

8. Surface vs. Structure

9. Medium Skills

These are what will be practiced during the workshops. Maggie has exercises available for participants to use, and it is encouraged to bring your own references.

"I  try my best to encourage and motivate personal strengths, journeys and styles using the path described above... because I know it works, it really, really works! If you like my work, you're seeing the evidence of this belief. "

‚ÄčIf you're interested in learning more about Maggie and her artwork, visit her artist page here.

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NOTE: Workshops and classes are non-refundable. They may be re-booked with a minimum 3 days advance notice.  Materials and supplies are bought in advance by the artists, and also, on many occasions, interested parties are turned away. Last minute cancellations most often cannot be filled.

Thank you for your understanding. 

*f you are interested in participating in one of Maggies workshops or classes, call WildChild Gallery at (239)-283-2006 to set up a date for a workshop. Most workshops allow  one to six students per class.*

Reviews from Maggie's previous students who participated in her workshop:

"Maggie is the best painting teacher I have ever had! I have been an artist since I was a child. I have studied art in private classes in elementary and high school, was a fine arts major in college and have taken workshops and classes from many well known artists. I have learned more from Maggie than anyone else!"

- Jane Bishop, Ohio

"You are enthusiastic. It's evident you enjoy your work. You draw very well and have a keen understanding of the elements. You made the workshop fun. You deserve your awards. I want to see some more of your work, especially oils. Let me show with you someday and maybe be you gopher at some workshop. Paint me. I'll pose for your easel or camera. It would be an honor."

- Nashville, Indiana


-San Marcos, California