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Paula Cooper

Fused Glass 

Art is a journey and mine started with working in metal. As a jewelry designer, I loved how metal could be reshaped and combined to be wearable art. By chance I took a class in fused glass so that I could incorporate this beauty into my metal work. Where I thought this would be a compliment to my jewelry line, I started down a path of a new adventure.

My glass art is inspired by my love of the ocean, marine life and tropical surroundings. I love experimenting with glass and trying new techniques. Glass is an amazing medium and the results are a mix of expected, totally unexpected and more than I imagined. This anticipation drives me to experiment with new techniques, color combinations and freeform artistic design.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to study from artists across the United States whose work and glass techniques I admire. It is through these classes that I can incorporate silkscreening, use of glass powders, paint with enamels on glass, different firing schedules for desired outcome and many other skills that allow me a variety of expression in glass art.

My glass coral bowls are a unique combination of several techniques utilizing glass powders. The glass powders are manipulated and fired in a kiln up to three times and slumped into a mold to create the shape of coral. The art can then be used as a piece of fine art on a wall or displayed on a stand.

Fused Glasses Classes by Paula Cooper

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I recently finished a commission for a home on Summerland Key, FL in a home entranceway. Three pieces of 24 x 17 fused glass art have the effect of a beautiful flowing ocean.

Not only have I had my work in galleries in Ormond Beach, FL and the Florida Keys, I taught glass classes at Artists in Paradise Gallery in Big Pine Key. I found that there were very few glass artist teachers in the Keys, and from the number of students showing an interest in my classes, it appears that more and more individuals are indeed drawn to fused, or kiln-fired glass as an art form. My students entered the class with a little reservation, but then left with a sense of accomplishment. Most of the students had never cut glass prior to the class, and I was delighted to see many students returning for additional classes.

I recently moved to Bokeelia from the Florida Keys and I am interested in continuing my endeavors in glass art here in the Pine Island/Cape Coral and Ft. Myers area. I am a new member of the Alliance for the Arts and look forward to meeting other artists in the area.

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