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Photography Class

by Cindy Cone

List of Available Classes:

​1. Basics of DSLR Photography (Not for Point and shoot cameras) 


Get the most out of your digital SLR camera! Learn when and how to use the various modes and settings for better images. Understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and how to manually adjust for the best exposure for different conditions. We'll also discuss the basics of good composition, use of light and color, and beginning flash techniques.

Two 2 1/2 hour sessions

Each session will combine a lecture/explanation intro with "hands-on" practice with your camera. Practice with "assignments" during the week to share and discuss for Session 2. Hand-outs for easy reference will be provided. 

Equipment needed: Digital SLR Camera with battery fully charged, memory card, one lens of any kind. 

​2. iPhoneography 


The smart phone is probably the most popular camera used by people, and with good reason! As the iPhone cameras have improved in both resolution and image quality, even professional photographers have realized the art form available with an iPhone. Find out how to best use your iPhone's camera for great images. Topics included:

- settings and features

- how to shoot slow motion video, panoramas, and HDR images

- using iCloud and Photostreams

- the best apps for photo editing, creative filters, long exposures and photo sharing.

Hand-outs will be provided for easy reference.

2 1/2 hour session

Required: iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, or 5S

​3. Introduction to HDR Photography

Intermediate Level

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Special camera techniques and/or digital software are used so that your final photo actually captures all the light seen when you were standing at the scene. The camera takes the image at whatever particular exposure you have set, but if there is much contrast of light and shadow, the whole range of light cannot be captured in one photo. HDR software creates the missing "layer" of what the camera lens captures and what your "mind's eye" sees and/or remembers.

Day 1- Evening 6-8:30pm: 

Explanation of HDR techniques and software. Explanation of auto-bracketing techniques and demonstration. Examples of when and how to use HDR for various effects. Additional topics will include an explanation of the histogram, use of manual exposure and composition tips. 

Day 2- 8am-3pm:

Early morning field trip to practice HDR techniques and bracketing. Framing and composing for landscapes. Use of light, shadow, leading lines, and color.

Return to gallery mid-morning to review and process images. Guided and individual instruction using Photoshop and Photomatix.

1 1/2 days- Demonstration, Field Trips, and Guided instruction

4. Beginning Bird Photography

Photographers from all over the world come to Southwest Florida to photograph our birds. Learn tips and tricks to begin to shoot like the pros. A combination of in-class instruction and field trips, this workshop will demonstrate techniques to improve your portraits of local birds and capture birds in flight. Topics will include use of shutter speed, f/stops, and ISO for various situations; use shooting angle; and composition techniques for better bird photography. 

Classroom sessions with instructions and examples will be followed by field trips with hands-on learning. Post-processing techniques will then be demonstrated and practiced back at the gallery.

(Field trip locations will vary based on the time of year, but a variety of habitats will be explored). 

​*A maximum of four students will be available for instruction*

​Scheduled Bird Classes:

​- December 12- 1:00-4:00 pm

- December 13- 7:30 am- 5:00pm

*If any of these classes spark your interest or you would like to inquire about pricing or dates, please call 239-283-6006 for more information*