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While life has always been exciting, there wasn’t much time to explore the colorful art world until retiring from the realm of self-employment.  Thankfully, upon retirement, Punch was introduced to fused glass by a friend. She was smitten, having found her passion!  Punch has found the perfect medium for exploring and playing with the vibrant colors that she has always adored. Punch strives daily to study, fine-tune, and expand glass art techniques. 

Living in Southwest Florida Punch receives much inspiration from the sea, from her work with jellyfish to aquariums, and all manner of sea life; Punch loves capturing these spirits in the glass. Another favorite for Punch is developing art that has functionality in addition to beauty. 

Glass is an exciting medium as the challenge to derive warmth and movement in completed work is ever-present.

​Punch Chongprasert

Fused Glass Artist

It comes as no surprise that Punch, having been born and raised in Thailand, a beautiful country awash in colorful surroundings, colorful food, and, of course, colorfully happy people, has always loved playing with color.  Until recently, however, life didn’t allow much time for her to

explore the world of art.

Punch completed her Thai education and followed by attending University in Switzerland, where she studied French Literature.  Not quite sure of what to do with her course of study, as well as having a desire to come to the United States, Punch decided to take the plunge, coming to the USA in the 1970s. Punch become a United States Citizen and has lived in the USA ever since. 

Punch’s career began with a  managerial stint in the hospitality industry. Then, Punch decided to go her own way, becoming an entrepreneur.  Punch’s entrepreneurial life went in several directions over the years from having a kitchenware shop, restaurant, and catering business, to working in the residential home building industry, to becoming an over the road truck driver (yes, a seventy-foot long semi!) for many years.