I am a native of Michigan who enjoys spending the winter months in Florida.  During my pre-retirement years I was employed in the pharmaceutical industry; initially in scientific research, then transferring into administration.  I have always had an interest and love for all forms of wildlife, engaging in hunting and fishing through-out my entire life, beginning at an early age.  In the year 2000 I decided to expand my horizon and love for wildlife by carving them out of wood, attempting to achieve as much realism in each carved piece as possible; including their respective habitat as they exist in their environment.  I have studied under master carving instructors known nationwide, which has proved to be an invaluable experience.  In the process I have become close friends with a number of them.  Each of my carvings are unique, though similarities may exist, no two are exactly alike.  Finally, they are a human expression of the Creator’s handiwork.

Measurements are in inches (L,W,H)

Roger Shoemaker


​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


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