New Kid in Town - 4'x4' - $900

Oil on Canvas

This piece was donated to the

Ronald McDonald SW Florida Charities

​for their upcoming Cinderella Ball

​Thank you, Shannon!

Another Beer, Deere - 22x28" - $550

​Oil on Canvas

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Oil on canvas

Artist Statement:  This painting is not realistic; it is an optical illusion. The highlighted side of the caps have orange mixed with the local color. The dark side of each cap is it’s complementary color. This color scheme causes the viewer to perceive it as realistic. 

Shannon painting in the WildChild Garden

Shannon Martin Perkins

Oil and Acrylic Paintings

​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Best Buds - 48"x60"- $900

Oil on Canvas

“War Games”


Oil on canvas

Fun Facts: The little green army men are all over my house because my boys play army. My foster son is in the US Army and he is an inspiration to my boys. The painting demonstrates the juxtaposition between the play and the reality. My use of highly saturated purple against yellow causes tension as the complementary colors vibrate and push against each other. There is not any black in this painting; I never put black on my palette.


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Blood Red Wine - 23x33" - $600

Oil on Canvas, Framed

Still Life Acrylic Painting Workshops

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