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Beginner Stained Glass Class

I will be starting a Beginner Stained Glass workshop at my favorite gallery: WildChild Gallery in Matlacha, FL.

There will be 2 morning classes for each project.

You will be introduced to a foiled stained glass with a Floridian style piece.

You may pick 1 of 2 choices. I will be supplying the stained glass in different colors, density, and textures. Peggy will supply her fabulous location in her garden and many of the tools.

You will learn to score and cut glass, solder together, and finish off ready to hang.

If you have tried a Stained Glass project before, please don’t hesitate to join.

In my experience, the more you practice and see others work, the better you will become.

Feel free to bring along any pieces that you have made before or if you have any damaged

pieces that need to be evaluated and repaired.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

Don’t be afraid to try; everything you make will be beautiful!


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Stained Glass Workshop

with Kathy Fitzgerald

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