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"Fin"tastic  Beach Party


Redfish Poker Time at the Reef Club

​Sold- 24x30

Love at First Sight

Clown Triggerfish


Offshore Breeze, Sold


Quarantinis at the Beach, Sold

​commission a similar one!

Cocktail Time at Bonita Beach

Sold- a Commission

48" x 72"

Early Morning Waders, 24"x48" Sold

Commission a similar painting

Quarantinis' Beach Day


 Linda moved to Florida from Lexington, Kentucky where she was an active member of the arts community, calligrapher, graphic designer, and owner of LK Artworks, an advertising and graphic design business.

    An award-winning artist, she has created commissioned pieces for scores of clients, some as far away as Japan.

   The “Don't Drink Like a Fish ™” series continues to evolve with new situations, fish, patterns and themes. They now include "BestFINS" ™ and "GirlFINS" ™.  She has created well over 300 paintings in this series, and the “fish” are now living all over the World.

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​​​​​Artists at Work in the Heart of Matlacha


Margarita Time with Mr. Armadillo

​10" x 20"

Latte Lovers


“I love the free feeling of creating art, and will always lean toward the whimsical, funky style and subject matter that make people feel happy and smile. My goal is that you connect with the freedom, riots of color, and energy of my work. If I can transport the viewer to a happy world for a few minutes, then I have achieved my goals. I like to think of my paintings as a run through the water sprinkler on a hot summer's day. I believe that the desire to surround oneself with happy art is universal.”

BestFins Reunion at the Reef Club


Puffy Martini


" I love working in acrylics. The vivid colors one can achieve are inspirational! I do use a layered approach when painting, and all areas of my finished paintings have multiple layers of paint. Look for wacky perspectives and riots of color in my works. I also create mixed media pieces with altered paper and various gel mediums."

 "When creating abstract paintings, I paint from the inside out.  Although I make deliberate choices about color, technique, line and form, my subconscious is the guide. I never know what will evolve and I love the unknown outcomes and freedom the process of painting provides me."

Linda Kegley


Sea Currents, 24"x48"

hang either direction

BestFins Happy Hour at the Reef Club


Petite GirlFins