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"I feel that my photography is a means to connect with the nature around me

..... my goal is to capture pictures that help others connect"

After 46 years of pediatric nursing I retired from University of Michigan and moved to Pine Island full time. Working with very sick children changes a person, they taught me to live in the moment and truly appreciate the little things, kids with cancer take nothing for granted and don’t sweat the small stuff…. And I learned a lot from them.

The natural beauty of the island was amazing but what really captured my heart were the birds!! I was immediately consumed by them.  I started volunteering at Peace River Wildlife Refuge and that reinforced my infatuation the birds weren’t just beautiful to look at but also had amazing personalities. I picked up a camera to document and share “my” birds and that was it…. I realized that I had been viewing the world in frames all my life. “Every picture tells a story” was more than a cliche, that you can capture a whole story with a well timed click.

 I started sharing my photography with family and friends and lo and behold they were good. I learned a bit of post processing but my pictures are very minimally adjusted. Gradually I started selling my work and now spend the bulk of my time trucking around Pine Island and the vicinity capturing this amazing place in photos. My photography is available at Wild Child Gallery in Matlacha Florida.

 I hope you enjoy my photos at least half as much as I enjoy taking them!

Martha Huard


Pine Island Birding and Bird Photography

with Martha Huard

Do you love birds? Me too! Happily Pine Island is a great place to go birding! I can take you and a couple other folks to all my favorite spots to get great bird pics, I can help you with photography tips but this is for anybody that loves birds! Bring your camera or binoculars or just yourself. We will meet at Wild Child Gallery and spend at least 3 hours touring the island. Stopping at a number of the best bird spots, you will most likely see bald eagles, plenty of osprey, herons egrets, and of course pelicans... maybe some roseate spoonbills. We have at least 28 bald eagle nests on the island. In March and April we ca consider going to Cape Coral for burrowing owls if you want. We will always be a very small group so as not to be intrusive. If you have 2 or 3 people I can do a tour just for you and you can choose early morning when the birds are active and the light is good or late afternoon and include one of Pine Island great sunsets from the perfect spot to get that memorable photo!

Contact Wild Child Gallery for scheduled classes or to schedule your

own small group tour 239.283.6006

Bird Photography with

Martha Huard


Please call to book your private class