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       "I would say that curiosity is what initially draws me to my painting subjects. I love learning about things, gaining insight into what their function is, and what makes them look as they do. The next step is my curiosity about how to interpret my subject in paint.
How can I create a 2-dimensional surface that conveys information about surfaces, colors, textures, reflections? How can I capture the mood of this moment in time? How can I tell the story in a way that will draw the viewer in to become a participant in this experience? "

        Pat's constantly evolving  " tool-box" of painting techniques has grown out of her forty years of experience in both fine and commercial art. She finds teaching and sharing her knowledge is a great source of satisfaction, and a lot of fun!

      Pat and her husband both grew up in Ohio. Marrying in Columbus in mid-life, they also lived along the Mississippi River in Quincy IL, and on several acres in rural Arcadia OH. Her husband retired to Ft. Myers FL in 2016 after 10 years in Newport RI, where her love
for painting was rekindled by the beautiful scenery around Narragansett Bay. Pat has her BFA and an MA in Art History. She's taught art classes for many years at art guilds in IL,OH, RI, and now, in FL.

Pat St. Onge

​Acrylic Painting